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Embankment Stabilisation Project

CLIENT: Peabody Energy

DESCRIPTION Embankment Stabilisation

Specialist Site Services was contracted to stabilise the northern embankment area, top side, of an underground coal mine on the New South Wales south coast. This involved the excavation and removal of over 6,000 m3 of material from a sheer mountain side to create an additional 500 m2 of usable area in a very tight and congested ‘top side’ operation.

Embankment stabilisation was achieved through installation of rockbolts, mesh, shotcrete/fibrecrete, vegetation meshing and a multi faceted approach to drainage control. This included the construction of an upper level catch drain, mid level berm drain/footpath with handrail, sub-surface drains and horizontal sub-soil drains.  We also installed a 2 metre wide x 200 metre long cable tray to facilitate high voltage power supply, underground control cables and coms.  The project was completed to program and incident free, whilst achieving many critical deadlines related to coal production along the way.

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