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Rockfall Protection Mesh Project

CLIENT: Roads and Maritime Services

DESCRPTION Rockfall Protection and Mesh

SSS was awarded a Rockfall Protection and Drape Mesh contract in February 2015.  The project consisted of 10,000m2 of coloured Geobrugg mesh, 400m of protection fencing, vegetation removal, scaling, rock bolting and shotcrete.  SSS also managed the traffic controlled work area of 3km along one of the busiest highways in Australia.


The batters ranged in height from 20m up to 60m in some areas.  SSS used both elevated work platforms and travel towers to remove vegetation and to carry out rock scaling and bolting.  We installed a temporary rock catch fence 30m above the highway for the safety of the public during construction.  The installation of top anchors, anchor ropes, placement of mesh and removal of vegetation was all completed with the temporary fence in place.  This fence was then removed when all meshing had reached down to the 30m mark.

The project also included the removal of a large 14m3 boulder which was uncovered during vegetation removal.  The boulder was safely removed over a 24 hour period under strict control.


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