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Slope Stabilisation Project

CLIENT: Baulderstone Pty Limited

DESCRIPTION Slope Stabilisation

Specialist Site Services was engaged to carry out slope stabilisation of the new Bypass section of the upgrade project. The work entailed rockbolting, meshing, sub-soil drains and fibrecrete/shotcrete. RMS specifications were applied including the saw-cutting of approximately 2,500m2 of completed shotcrete with the application of silicone filled crack control joints according to the pavement specification R83. A further 5,000m2 of coloured shotcrete including plastic fibre was completed on the project including 10,000m of drilling and rockbolting.

A specific section of the Bypass called for the supply and installation of 41 horizontal sub-soil drains drilled to a length of 26 metres each. These drains were designed and installed according to the R40 specification and to remove Subterranean water from a large alluvium batter. The horizontal drains were then connected to the pavement drainage blanket.

Specialist Site Services assisted with several other requirements on the project such as rock scaling, rock drilling for guard rails and rehabilitation of berm overbreak with mass fill and formwork. The project was hampered by continual bad weather, however the entire project team continued to progress toward a safe and effective conclusion.



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