With a full suite of Environmental Management Systems, SSS ensures the safe and effective implementation of mitigation and remediation practices to protect, preserve, and restore our natural environment.

Environmental Management Systems: 

  • Production of site-specific CEMP, EWMS, and ESCP ensures all SSS personnel are trained, informed, and forward-thinking with regards to environmental impacts and associated management practices

  • Regular reviews, environmental workshops, and audits by Environmental Site Representatives and Environmental Site Officers.

  • Commitment to developing and utilising the most contemporary environmental management practices in erosion and sediment control, as well as vegetation removal and restoration
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Environment » Environmental Management

Industry-Leading Environmental Outcomes:  

  • We are proud of our track record of successful environmental management and outcomes in some of Australia’s most sensitive and pristine natural environments, including State Heritage Precincts and National Parks.

  • We maintain close cooperation with partners in identifying and isolating fauna or flora features and habitats of significance within any proposed construction footprint.

Future Commitment:

  • Specialist Site Services endeavours to remain at the forefront of evolving environmental practices through close consultation with relevant agencies, stakeholders, and regulations.

  • We will prioritise ecological sustainability in the provision of all of our services and operational impact.

  • We will continue to work in conjunction with community, clients, and specialist environmental consultants to achieve optimal environmental management outcomes.
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