Foundation Shoring

Foundation shoring methods are the backbone of the earth retention industry. Permanent methods can include soldier piles and shotcrete, pre-cast concrete panels and vertical steel beams or steel sheet piling.  Depending on the soil conditions and specification requirements, the methods applied can be driven into place or installed into drilled shafts and backfilled with concrete.  Permanent and temporary ground anchors are also used to assist with the retention capacities in less competent grounds.

Temporary shoring methods can include ground anchors, shotcrete, timber lagging and drainage. Other temporary shoring methods include the use of sprayed fibrecrete to stabilise tunnels, trenches, and excavations.  Ground anchors are regularly used as a temporary measure to control loadings during the construction period.

Permanent shoring utilises the temporary measures above, however they are constructed to meet and exceed specifications for longer lasting asset life.

SSS offer clients the complete package in shoring solutions in order to minimise construction costs and safely complete infrastructure projects.