Landslide Rehabilitation Works

During a severe weather event in 2021, a landslip affected land in the Midcoast area. Specialist Site Services were contracted to undertake emergency landslip rehabilitation works. The project scope included the construction of a soil nail and shotcrete wall and placement of mac-mat reinforced geo-fabric matting at the base of the wall. The project involved a rehabilitation area of approximately 600 square metres, with a particular focus on difficult access and environmentally sensitive surroundings in the planning and implementation stages of the project.

Key components of the project included:

  • Development and implementation of WHS, Quality and Environment management plans
  • Control measures to address difficult access
  • Scaling and vegetation removal
  • Drilling and installation of temporary anchors
  • Drilling and installation of soil nails
  • Spraying of Shotcrete wall
  • Installation of Mac-mat geo-fabric matting

Project Duration: 6 weeks